The Offbeat Project

January 2015-present

Project Status: slow going

Tools: Krita, Fandom

The Offbeat Project started in 2015, when I was researching monsters from folklore for a personal project. In the process, I found that there wasn’t a good, reliable source of information for many of the more obscure creatures I was finding. While a personal project, I converted it to a public wiki in case anyone else was interested in my findings. Offbeat was born.

In my research, I also encountered a number of creatures that had no visual interpretations on the internet - or at least, not ones that I had the license to use for the wiki. While the wiki takes priority for traditional and cultural artwork, I’ve set out to illustrate the creatures that needed wiki images! The project is slow going as it’s low priority for me, but I do return to the wiki and its artwork when I have the time.

Visit the wiki here!

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