Other Commissions

In addition to my 3D models, I am currently available for 2D illustration, character design, and game commissions.


I can paint a wide variety of subjects, and have a few different styles at my disposal. If you see a piece in my gallery that you like, I’m happy to try and duplicate the style for your piece! I’m also happy to haggle for simpler characters or halfbody pieces.

Each extra (fullbody) character will add 50% to the price, or 25% for background pieces.

Character Focus - $10-30

Full Illustrations - $50-$70

Papercuts - $35-45

Sketches - $5-10

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Character Design

I will work with you to create a character, monster, environment, or other design for any use! You can find more examples of my design work on my character design page.

Simple Designs

$25 - examples coming!

Detailed Designs

$40 - examples coming!

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I am available both for making entire games as well as helping with existing game projects. As a solo game developer, I can create everything required of a small game, including design, code, artwork, music, and more! You can play the games I’ve made on my itch.io, and check out my behind-the-scenes work on my game development page. I have used the following game engines, in order of familiarity:

  • Godot
  • Bitsy
  • GameMaker
  • Unity
  • PICO-8
  • Stencyl
  • Mini2DX
  • Ren’py

Because games are a pretty varied endeavor, I don’t have any set prices. Please contact me for a quote!

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