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My name is Cicada Carpenter (they/them), also known as Shadybug. I’m an artist, game developer, folklorist, mental health advocate, and mischievous forest spirit who haunts the wilds of Denver, Colorado. I spend most of my time finding interesting ways to tell stories.

My influences come from a variety of places, but the most notable include Pokemon, Ghibli, and Cucumber Quest. I like to create minimalist, whimsical atmospheres combined with bright color schemes and interesting creatures. My goal is to invoke peace, wonder, and nostalgia without sacrificing sorrow and indignation. Ideally, my audience will always walk away with a bittersweet aftertaste.

Most of my games are meant to be socially conscious allegories despite their cute exterior. This means that they can be a bit intense at times, but I always make sure to include warnings alongside games that tackle more sensitive subjects. Stay safe!

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