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3D Custom Model - $70 I will design, model, texture, and rig a low-poly 3D model of your character. I will also model objects/backgrounds on a case-by-case basis. I will give your model a material and shader that fits the subject, including glow and lighting effects if applicable! Please see my 3D gallery for more examples of my work, including turnarounds.

Basic Character Model: $70

  • One still render of the model (.png, ~1400x1400)
  • One turnaround animation (.gif, ~900x900)

Model file (+$1):

  • Model file for Blender 2.8, fully textured and rigged (.blend)
  • All texture files (.png)
  • All material files (.png/.jpg)

Texture files (+$1):

  • Layer files for all textures (.psd)

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Simple Accessory - $5 Simple accessory: $5 Simple accessories that are part of the character (i.e. glasses, bows, piercings) are free of charge, but may add a complexity charge if there are a lot of them!

Complex/rigged accessory: $10 Includes clothing that can be changed/removed, as well as large, complicated props

Jaw rig: $10 Includes tongue, teeth, and lip rig (no blendshapes)


Materials: cel shading, pixel, or semi-realistic Cel-shaded or pixel: free! Both can be done with or without outlines, and with one or two levels of shading. Please see my 3D gallery for more examples! (I don’t have any examples of pixel shading with lines just yet, but you can ask for a demo!)

Semi-realistic materials: $10 Materials will vary per character, ask if you would like specific examples!

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Simple animation: $10 Idle animations like bouncing, blinking, waving

Complex animation: $20+ Running, jumping, or longer animations

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Additional Renders

Still render with slight alterations: free! Ex: with/without prop, slight expression changes, slight pose changes

Still render + turnaround gif with slight alterations: $5 Ex: with/without prop, slight expression changes, slight pose changes

Additional poses (still image): $5 each

Additional poses (still image + turnaround gif): $10 each

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Complexity Charges

Some characters may add additional charges based on complexity!

Complex anatomy: $5-15

Hair: $5-15

Complex markings: $5-20

Commission Form

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