3D Commissions - FAQ

Do you do VRChat avatars?

Not at this time, no! You are welcome to edit my models yourself (or commission someone else to edit them) in order to convert them to VRChat avatars, and I have had several commissioners do so successfully, but I can’t guarantee that they’ll work as intended. Please let me know ahead of time if you intend on importing your model into VRChat, as some of my techniques only work in Blender and I will need to adjust accordingly.

Will these models work if I upload them to [game/service]?

Unfortunately, the only thing I can guarantee is that they’ll work in Blender 2.8, and my support for porting them to anything else will be very limited. If you let me know what you want to use the model for beforehand, I may be able to work with you to make it as smooth as possible. However, as long as you bought the files ($1 for .blend, $1 for texture .psd), you’re welcome to edit them (or commission someone else to edit them)!

Can these models be 3D printed?

If you let me know you’d like to print the model before commissioning me, then yes! I haven’t been able to test any of my models on a 3D printer yet, but I have extensive experience with 3D printing, and I’d be happy to help you troubleshoot any print errors caused by the model itself. Please note that if you are 3D printing, I can only offer support for single-color prints!

Can I use the model in my game or other commercial project?

All of my commissions give you usage and editing rights for non-commercial and small-scale commercial use. In general - if you are working on a project alone or with a small team of friends, I am fine with it. Using the files for a project for a large company, or reuploading the art directly for others to buy (such as Redbubble or Gumroad), is not allowed. For more details, please see my TOS section on File Use, or contact me directly to discuss.

What do you use to rig your models?

I use Rigify, a Blender addon! It helps me rig quickly, and will work in Blender 2.8 even if you don’t have the addon installed. I can provide you a version rigged without Rigify on request, but you will have to add IK/FK/bone constraints/etc. yourself.

Does eye tracking work with these?

Not by default! I do my eyes (and mouths, unless you’ve asked for a jaw rig) as flat textures, similar to most of Animal Crossing’s characters. I do have a few tricks up my sleeve for texture rigging though, so if you’re interested, let me know and we can work something out!

How long do you keep the files?

Indefinitely! Although I will delete them from my Google Drive after a few months, you can always request that I reupload them for you. If you did not purchase the files initially, you can always come back and buy them later! Note: I can’t guarantee that I will have the files forever, in cases such as data loss. Please don’t rely on me alone to backup your files!

Do you have a Trello?

Yes! You can find it here! If you would like your name, character, or other information to be removed from the Trello, please let me know ASAP and I will strip your card of all identifying information. By default, if you tell me the model is a gift, I will hide the character from the Trello and only put your name until you’ve had a chance to gift the model.

If you have more questions, you’re free to send me a message on any of the platforms at the bottom of this page. I typically respond fastest to Twitter messages!

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